1. Betula Nelson says: 2020|05|02

    Lovely website. Very clever and useful ideas. No need to get bored!

    1. mM says: 2020|05|02

      Thank you Betula for your kind words, glad you have been enjoying the content! mMx

  2. Alex says: 2020|05|30

    I’m on a binge reading all the posts I can find on home office. Great recommendations. And the ideas about ways to switch off are good to save somewhere. Even for later.

    1. mM says: 2020|05|30

      We could not be happier to contribute to your binge-reading frenzy 🙂. Great to hear you’ve enjoyed the read! Happy home-working mMx

  3. Jules says: 2020|06|22

    Can I hire you?

    1. mM says: 2020|06|22

      Happy to help if you tell us more [email protected] or let’s hop on the phone.

  4. mM says: 2020|07|19

    I like your response!! Glad you have enjoyed the content 🙂

  5. mM says: 2023|07|21

    Ron why you removed NAME & EMAIL???

  6. mM says: 2023|09|27

    kdjIMalik… kjiofja


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