misch_MISCH ltd, young & ambitious design studio offering wide range of interior architecture & design services; and property development within residential, high-end, commercial & art/theatre sectors. With a mindset on delivering unique,’cost-effective’ & creative design solutions tailored to our clients’ desired individual aspirations and visions.

Run by its founder Mischa Sedova, a Czech born interior architect who has been based in London for over 16 years. During these years she obtained ‘1st Class Honours Degree in Interior Architecture & Design’, earned a number of awards & nominations through participating in various design & architectural competitions. While nourishing her skills working for developers & studios on variously sized projects; from small residential refurbishments to large high-end private developments, commercial & hospitality; she simultaneously built up her private body of works.

About Us

Based in heart of North London a stone-throw from internationally connected Kings Cross & up and coming Kentish Town, we are structured through a collaboration with artists, architects & designers whenever the project requires. And skilled contractors we have mindfully built our relationship with & can fully rely on. Always keen to take on diverse projects/ commissions of various budgets; international or UK based. From ultra-fun/ contemporary/ minimalistic to ultra-chick to reinstating old & classic.

We treat each project methodically & with great care in reflection to its needs. In our approach to design we focus on the desired response (investment or emotional) & work backwards. With our pencils sharpened on detail, each project is a seamless collaborative process merging our own design philosophy and the clients’ particular requirements & desires that are quite never the same.

As such, we don’t subscribe to any particular style, which gives each project its uniqueness. Every design is determined by its surroundings, environment, the functions it purposes, and its restraints (should this be budget or other external factors). We like to be challenged & to creatively challenge the problems that may naturally entail during the course of a project and take on the opportunities it presents. Assuring 100% transparency to project cost & its timeline right from the start.